Club Events

2006 Thunderkatz 10th Anniversary Show
Planning is underway for the first appearance of ICATS Agility Trials at the Thunderkatz 10th Anniversary Show April 29 and 30. We will also welcome Ragdoll Breeders from around the country in our first ever Ragdoll congress. See Upcoming Shows for information.

2005 Meowy MayDay
Many club members worked toward a greater public awareness of feline care and rescue this year. The Fundraising Efforts reached an all time high in response to situations resulting from disaster as well as our Rescue Foundation: Jo-Animals Kittens and Cats rescued from Hurricanes in Louisiana and Texas were transported to safety in the Jo-Animals compound. With the help of the Pet Gazette, the membership put out a call. Donations of up to $100 were received from as far away as California, and as close to home as our own members. The Annual Show was managed this year by Vice President Marty Young. Meowy MayDay, complete with Maypoles drew exhibitors from far corners of the USA. Moving to the last show weekend of the year, we were privaleged to view several contenders for Regional and International Awards. Most of all, we had the fun that Thunderkatz shows have become known for. Pat Harbert, club President said, that this year, having more working members made this one of the most enjoyable shows yet. Many members won Regional Awards at the Annual South Central Awards Show in Arlington Texas. A Brag Page will feature some of these winners. The club began plans to work with Joyce Buechler and others in formation of the New Oklahoma TICA Club, T-Townkatz in Tulsa. Next year will have a promotion for I-44 to celebrate TICA from Wichita Falls Texas to Springfield, Missouri. Thunderkatz 10th Anniversary Show Year and T-Townkatz First Show will crown the Kicks on Ole Route 66.

"Catch Your Dream"
In 2004 Thunderkatz welcomed South Central Region for the Annual Show and Awards Banquet. What a Show!! "Catch Your Dream" with large dreamcatchers by Joyce Buechler, and a Raffle that lasted on-line to show time for six months. A fabulous memory!

This was a very successful cat show, which attracted exhibitors from other regions in the US. Judges were outstanding, gate was the best ever, and the raffle table and "Baseball" game resulted in a large amount of funds for the rescue cats and feral cats organizations that we sponsor.

2002 was an active year of participating with several local rescue organizations. These activities were mostly to raise funds for our club sponsored shelters, as well as support for the local animal clubs that work with the trap/spay-neuter/release or adopt out feral cats programs. One of the ThunderKatz Bengals became a celebrity at this last affair, by competing and and defeatinng nine(9) canines in Obedience training. Pat Harbert, our President, is the proud owner of "BuddyLove" a male, neutered cat that competed beautifully and had a picture in our local newspaper, accompanied by much awe, and enthusiasm from many canine owners and fans.

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