Biltmore Hotel
401 S. Meridian Ave
Oklahoma City, OK 73108

The Judges

Friday Judges

Saturday Judges

Sunday Judges

Bobbie Tullo AB
Vicki Jo Harrison AB
Toni Jones AB
Harley DeVilbiss AB
Toni Meisberger SP
Charlotte Shea SP

Hisako Yamada AB
Lindajean Grillo AB
Ellen Crockett AB
Alexandra Chisholm AB
Carol Lawson SP
Steve Lawson SP

Carol Lawson AB
Steve Lawson AB
Donna Armel AB
Jim Armel AB
Ellen Crockett SP
Alexandra Chisholm SP

Entry Fees

No single cage spaces will be allowed. Entry fees are based on full (double) cage spaces only.

Early Bird Entries

Early Bird entries and/or placeholders must be received AND paid by February 14th or Regular entry fees will be charged.

3-day entries

1 entry (1 double) - $75.00

2 entries (1 double) - $125.00

3 entries (2 doubles) - $175.00

2-day entries

1 entry (1 double) - $50.00

2 entries (1 double) - $85.00

3 entries (2 doubles) - $120.00

JE Entry (1 double) - $50.00 (Must be owned or co-owned by the JE)

For one day entries, please contact the entry clerk.

Regular Entries

Regular entries must be received by Monday, March 13 at 11:00 p.m.

3-day entries

1 entry (1 double) - $85.00

2 entries (1 double) - $140.00

3 entries (2 doubles) - $210.00

2-day entries

1 entry (1 double) - $65.00

2 entries (1 double) - $95.00

3 entries (2 doubles) - $135.00

JE Entry (1 double) - $50.00 (Must be owned or co-owned by the JE)

Show Services

Groom/Sales - $35.00

End or Row - non handicapped - $20.00

Electronic Marked Catalog - $5.00

Ring Sponsorship - $50.00

By entering the show, you agree to pay all entry fees within 48 hours.

Show Information

**Photographer Helmi Flick will be on hand for your photographic needs!

***HCM CLINIC*** Dr. Ryan Baumwart, DVM Diplomate ACVIM, cardiology will be on site for an HCM Clinic on Saturday only. Appointments can be made before, during, and after the show. There is a $20 deposit for all appointment scheduled. The cost for each scan is $135. ALL cats must come in a carrier. No exceptions!

Dr. Baumwart will be present both days to perform the scans and to speak directly with owners. Each owner will receive a copy of the heart scan measurements and recommendations by Dr. Baumwart himself

For questions or additional information contact http://www.facebook. com/okchcmscanclinic or OKCHCMScanClinic@yahoo.com

Entry Information

Supplies: Litter will be provided in the show hall ONLY. Please bring your own litter trays.

Check-In: Check-in on Friday will be from 1:30 - 2:30 - judging starts at 3 pm. Show hours 3-9 pm(CLOSED TO PUBLIC)
Check-in on Saturday will be from 7:30 - 8:30 - judging starts at 9 am.
Check-in (if needed) on Sunday will be from 8 -8:30 and judging starts at 9 am. Show hours will be 9-4 pm both Saturday and Sunday.

Benching: All exhibitors will have assigned benching. Benching requests MUST be clearly indicated on the summary sheets, and we will try to accommodate all requests. No one may change their benching without permission of Show Management. No one may leave before the advertised show hours without permission of the Show Management.

For Sale: Cats and kittens for sale will be permitted. Cages are restricted to one cat or two kittens per 1/2 cage for the weekend. Once that animal is sold you may not place another animal for sale into that cage without paying the appropriate fees. Cats and kittens may not be stored in kennels or carriers. Kittens must be 3 months of age and have evidence of litter registration in TICA.

Health Rules: This is a non-vetted cat show. It is recommended that all entries be up to date on all immunizations. You must be able to produce a rabies certificate for all entries and cats for sale. Any cats showing evidence of fungus, ear mites, fleas, or a contagious disease will be removed from the show hall as well as any other cats from the same household, and all wins will be forfeited. HHP adults must be neutered. All claws, front and back, on all entries must be clipped prior to benching.

Registration: Pedigreed cats and household pets may be shown in TICA with a pending registration number. Points may be claimed after the registration number is assigned, but only for the first show where the cat didn't have a registration number in the catalog. Subsequent shows without a registration number will not be scored. All PNB, ANB and NT (kittens, cats, alters) must be TICA registered to be shown.

Payment of Entry Fees: Payment must be made within 48 hours of entry. To pay by PayPal, please sign in to your PayPal account and send payment to treasurer@thunderkatz.org. Please mail checks made out to ThunderKatz to Pat Rusche, Treasurer, P.O. Box 76, Nicoma Park, OK 73066.

Show Rules: This show is sanctioned by The International Cat Association and is subject to their Show Rules and Breed Standards (available from the TICA Executive Office, PO Box 2684, Harlingen, TX 78551 or viewed on their website at www.tica.org). By entering, all exhibitors agree to abide by the decisions of the Show Committee and Judges. ThunderKatz, TICA and Oklahoma State Fairgrounds will be held harmless for any damages, claims, losses, etc. of/to the exhibitor and his/her entries.

**Please be aware that you MAY NOT place your grooming tables, coolers, etc. at the end of aisle BECAUSE OF FIRE LAWS, the layout design and traffic flow. Those wishing end of aisle must follow this rule. We suggest those needing additional space request a grooming space on the Summary Sheet.

**Please be sure to confine spraying males (and females!) and clean up after yourself and your cats so we will be welcome here again. Please make every effort to leave your room in the condition it was found, or better. Trash bags (& litter) will be available for your convenience, at the show hall. If you have a problem you can't take care of yourself, please let show management know and we will do whatever we can to help. The condition of your room reflects on the entire cat fancy, and it only takes one mishap to lose a hotel (even a whole chain) forever.

For more information: http://www.thunderkatz.org

Entry Clerk - Marty Young

Show Manager-Marty Young

Vendor Contact- Don Rusche (after 8:30 p.m. CDT)

Show Hotel

Biltmore Hotel Oklahoma City
401 S. Meridian,
Oklahoma City, OK
Phone: 405-947-7681
Room rate: $58.00 including tax



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