Want A Healthy and Happy Pet? Spay and Neuter


There are not enough homes for the number of dogs and cats we have, and more are being born every day.
Every year millions of dogs and cats find their way into shelters and humane societies. Some are lost pets, abandoned pets, or pets that are brought in by their owners because they are now inconvenient or impractical to keep. Millions of dogs and cats will be killed because no one wants them.


  • In the United States 10,000 humans are born every day. Compare this to the over 50,000 puppies and kittens born in the same 24 hour period. This makes it clear that there can never be enough homes.
  • In 6 years, one female dog and its offspring can be the source of 67,000 puppies.
  • In 7 years, one female cat and its young can produce 420,000 cats.


  • "My pet will get fat and lazy."FALSE" Your pet is what he eats proper diet and exercise will work wonders.
  • "My children should experience birth"Should your child also experience death? Your child should learn the value of animals and the prevention of litters.
  • "I want a tough, protective dog"altering your dog will not effect his protective instinct. All dogs want to protect their loving and caring owners.
  • "But my pet is a purebred "Leave the breeding the professional breeders who are concerned with genetics and proper placement.
  • "It costs too much to fix my pet "Cost depends on the sex of the animal, its size and age. There are many groups and communities that have many low-cost options. Check with your Veterinarian and local shelters.

The cost of altering your pet is much cheaper than the cost of having a litter i.e., veterinarian check-ups, special diet, feeding and medical cost for kittens or puppies. Donít forget advertising costs, and sitting by the phone waiting for buyers. The WORST is what to do with the leftover puppies and kittens.


  • Altering your pet allows him/her to live a longer and healthier life.
  • A neutered male has less chance of developing prostate cancer.
  • Spaying a female dog eliminates the possibility of uterine or ovarian cancer and greatly reduces the chances of breast cancer.
  • Altered pets are more affectionate and loving companions.
  • Spaying a female dog will eliminate the mess of having her go through heat two times a year.
  • Spaying a female cat will end the constant crying.
  • Stud dogs and Toms will no longer visit if your female is spayed.
  • Unaltered pets tend to exhibit behavior and temperament problems.
  • Unaltered male cats tend to spray, run away, get into fights, and roam the neighborhood.
  • Communities spend a small fortune to control and eliminate unwanted animals. Animal control has to pickup animals that are hurt or dead on the road. Shelters have the sad task of killing unwanted animals.

Spaying a female dog or cat is the removal of their reproductive organs. A male dog or cat is neutered by removing both testicles. Your veterinarian can explain and discuss the best age to sterilize your pet.

Do your part in not adding to the pet overpopulation. Spay and neuter your dog or cat and keep them healthy and happy.

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